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Piping Industry and Tri Tool Team Up for Oregon Clean Energy Center Project

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Members of the Piping Industry are learning new automatic welding techniques and procedures that will be used at the Oregon Clean Energy Center. These automated procedures will exponentially cut down complete weld time compared to hand welding by decreasing end preparation time while increasing deposition rate and overall weld precision.These advantages are made possible due to two innovative machines made by Tri Tool.

The first machine is Tri Tool’s RBL-G2 split frame next generation Clamshell Lathe. This tool was designed with safety as the top priority, and delivers faster, better performance when doing end prep work.

The safety of the tool comes from a fixed-position tripper mechanism with tapered drive housing, which minimizes pinch points, giving the operator increased safety when using the lathe.

The tool also is equipped with a new high speed motor that can sever and bevel up to 3x faster than it used to while having the ability to be shifted from an in-line to a right angle configuration in minutes; all of this reduces end prep time while increasing precision. The RBL-G2 Clamshell Lathe also has corrosion resistant plating technology that gives it long lasting protection in tough environments, increasing tool durability while minimizing downtime for maintenance.

The second machine is Tri Tool’s ORBITMASTER Weld Controller, which includes the ORBITMASTER remote control pendant, a matching power supply, the DualARC Multi-mode Weld Head with dedicated guide tracks, and a coolant re-circulator.

This new multi-process controller was designed to provide the welder with all of the advantages and benefits that digital control can introduce to the welding process.

This new multi-process controller can perform pulsed or non-pulsed GTAW (TIG) and/or GMAW (MIG), as well as FCAW, for maximum selectivity. It also allows the user to switch from GTAW to SMAW-P for the ability to control heat inputs needed for special metal alloys or when FCAW wire is not available and high deposition rates are needed with available solid core wire.

Along with conventional bevel joints, the programmable controller is ideal for non-typical seams including multi-axis (saddle-on) type joints, angles, curvatures, indentations, and protrusion welds.

It also possesses automatic guidance capability which provides control and position recording along a path (from hundreds of points) for repeatable precision. Programmable control is provided for torch to work piece Arc Voltage Control (AVC), oscillation, travel, wire feed, coolant recirculation and power source/AVC sensing.

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The Piping Industry is committed to being on the leading edge of its industry’s technology and processes, and is looking forward to using these state-of-the-art tools to complete their work on the Oregon Clean Energy Center project in the most precise, efficient, and economical manner.

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