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PITC Accelerated Welding Program Helps Fill Region’s Need For Trained Welders

Posted by Northwest Ohio Piping Industry

Aug 31, 2016 11:00:00 AM

The Piping Industry Training Center’s Accelerated Welding Program is helping to fill the region’s need for trained, skilled welders.

Each year the program allows upwards of 12 selected apprentices the opportunity to reach journeymen status in four years instead of five years.

The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee selects apprentices to participate in the Accelerated Welding Program. Those who accept the invitation have up to 18 weeks to complete this free program.

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Medical Facility Requires Piping Industry Expertise

Posted by Northwest Ohio Piping Industry

Aug 3, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Northwest Ohio’s newest medical facility is counting on the knowledge and skill of Piping Industry members to ensure the safety of donated plasma.

Our refrigeration mechanics, welders and service mechanics are busy turning a vacant retail store into a plasma donation center.

Two Piping Industry contractors have journeymen and apprentices working on the decades old building, installing vital components to the gutted structure.

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Piping Industry Members Play Large Role In BP Husky’s Biggest Shutdown in 40 Years

Posted by Northwest Ohio Piping Industry

Jul 11, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Pipefitters and Welders from the Northwest Ohio Piping Industry are playing a huge role in the biggest shutdown at the BP Husky Oil Refinery in 40 years.

Over 1,000 piping journeymen are spending more than two months working to replace valves, pumps, pipes, caps and other items necessary for the oil refinement process.

Shutdowns happen every three to five years at the refinery located in Oregon, Ohio, and generally occur for maintenance, safety, or processing purposes. This time around, the shutdown deals with more than just maintenance and safety. Portions of the extensive work will also add more efficient equipment to the process, which in turn, will help the plant save money and decrease production time.

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Piping Industry and Tri Tool Team Up for Oregon Clean Energy Center Project

Posted by Northwest Ohio Piping Industry

Sep 11, 2015 11:13:00 AM

Members of the Piping Industry are learning new automatic welding techniques and procedures that will be used at the Oregon Clean Energy Center. These automated procedures will exponentially cut down complete weld time compared to hand welding by decreasing end preparation time while increasing deposition rate and overall weld precision.These advantages are made possible due to two innovative machines made by Tri Tool.  

The first machine is Tri Tool’s RBL-G2 split frame next generation Clamshell Lathe. This tool was designed with safety as the top priority, and delivers faster, better performance when doing end prep work.  

The safety of the tool comes from a fixed-position tripper mechanism with tapered drive housing, which minimizes pinch points, giving the operator increased safety when using the lathe.  

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