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Celebrate Labor Day the Union Way

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For many Americans, Labor Day has come to be a last hurrah for summer.

It is a national holiday designed to celebrate the American worker; a holiday earned by union laborers, who fought for an honest wage, better working conditions, and shorter work hours.

As Labor Day weekend approaches, many families will be gearing up for one last party on this much-deserved three-day weekend off work.

Before you invite your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family over for one more barbeque, stock up on union-made products your guests will be sure to enjoy.

Buying union-made products is the only way to support your union brothers and sisters.

Help keep good-paying union jobs in America!

On their website,, is a list of 98 products for use on Labor Day and throughout the year.

From coolers and cups to all sorts of food products, beverages, fruits and vegetables, and even games to keep your party going, the list has it all.

Remember to purchase these items from a union store.

UA 50 wishes all of our members a happy and safe Labor Day.