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New Video Shows Piping Industry Diversity Outreach

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The Northwest Ohio Piping Industry released a new video in March showing its commitment to creating a diverse membership.

Northwest Ohio contains a diverse population, as people from varying backgrounds – including race, gender and ethnicity – call the area home. The Piping Industry proudly conducts outreach programs to the area’s minority populations, helping educate them on career opportunities within the piping trades.

Through strengthening relationships with the area’s minority organizations and the Toledo Public Schools, the Piping Industry is looking to further diversify its membership by actively recruiting minority candidates into their apprenticeship programs.

Apprentices earn while they learn, meaning they receive a living wage and on-the-job experience while working for signatory contractors in an in-demand field. Throughout the year, apprentices also receive mandatory classroom instruction, usually two nights a week, where they receive trade-specific instruction.

Unlike college, where students pay thousands of dollars for their education and can amass student loan debt exceeding $100,000, Piping Industry apprenticeships are free. The only requirements are an individual must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or G.E.D., and pass a drug test.

Through these outreach programs, the Piping Industry hopes to attract a larger number of minority apprentices and help their membership better reflect the racial and ethnic makeup of the community.

By conducting tours of the Piping Industry Training Center and engaging in other outreach efforts, the Piping Industry shows people a path to a middle-class lifestyle. Piping Industry tradesmen and tradeswomen who show up to work each day, work hard, and are not afraid to work long hours can potentially earn more than $90,000 a year.