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TPS Minority Students Tour Piping Industry Training Center

Posted by Northwest Ohio Piping Industry

Feb 12, 2016 9:59:02 AM

In January, thanks to a growing relationship between the Piping Industry and the Toledo Public Schools’ Hispanic Outreach program, minority students visited the Piping Industry Training Center and learned about different career opportunities.

Students of Hispanic descent, from four different area high schools – Waite, Start, Bowsher and Woodward – received an inside look at the Training Center and learned about different career options available in plumbing, pipefitting, welding, and HVACR work and the apprenticeships programs.


TPS students in the Hispanic Outreach program tour the Piping Industry Training Center.Throughout the tour, the guides spoke about the importance of showing up to work every day on time and working hard, both on the job and in the classroom.

While in the welding rooms, students put on a welder’s helmet, stepped into a welder’s booth and observed firsthand how to weld. Students outside of the welding booth learned about the different types of metals used and different welding processes.

In the large bay, students had an opportunity to learn about the importance of properly rigging piping materials. During a demonstration, students offered their suggestions for the best way to rig a pipe and saw what happened when the pipe was lifted into the air based on the their suggestions.

The tour guides also explained how it is necessary for Piping Industry members to understand the basics of electricity. During this portion of the tour, the students received a hands-on lesson for circuit connection.

On other areas of the tour, the TPS students saw the plumbing, pipefitting and HVACR training areas, including examples of the materials, equipment, valves and control systems used in the field.

TPS students in the Hispanic Outreach program tour the Piping Industry Training Center.

When the tour ended, the students were treated to a pizza lunch.

For many of the students, this was the first time they were exposed to the different trades that make up the Piping Industry. Many did not know that by enrolling in the apprenticeship program, they would have the opportunity to earn money while learning about the piping trades. The concept of learn while you earn seemed extremely appealing to them.

The tours were made possible by Jose Luna, the TPS Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, who works to expose Hispanics and other students to vocational career opportunities for those who do not intend to go to college.



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