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Piping Industry Volunteers Materials, Labor to Open Toledo’s Wilson Pool

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Members of the Piping Industry received accolades June 17 from Toledo city officials for the critical role they played in getting Wilson Pool in North Toledo ready for use this summer.

Funding shortages had threatened to keep the city pool closed, but members of the Piping Industry and other Northwest Ohio Building Trades volunteered their services and helped obtain needed equipment and materials to get the pool ready for use this summer.

Toledo City Council President Paula Hicks-Hudson held a news conference June 17 to celebrate the completion of the repairs at Wilson Pool. At the same event, Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins said the work to renovate the pool was completed at only 25 percent of the originally estimated cost, thanks to the volunteer effort by city’s building trades.

The building trades are also volunteering time and materials at the Jamie Farr Pool. Concrete repairs have started and the public pool could be open in about five weeks, city officials said.

See more photos of the Wilson Pool restoration and opening.

The members of the Piping Industry all work and live in Toledo and across Northwest Ohio. We care deeply about this community and their neighbors, which is why they jumped at the opportunity to help restore the two city pools.

Besides the members who volunteered their time to complete the renovation work, special thanks also go out to the Kuhlman Corporation. They donated the concrete for the project. Additional thanks go out to Campbell Inc. They donated the use of camera equipment to see down assorted pipes. The equipment was critical to the completion of the project.

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