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New 3-year agreement will advance piping industry in Northwest Ohio

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The Mechanical Contractors Association of Northwestern Ohio and the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics Local 50 recently announced the successful completion of contract negotiations, resulting in a new three-year deal.

The contract extension includes a 2.8 percent increase in wages, year over year, as well as the necessary funding for healthcare benefits, including retirees. Other terms provide for a flexible work week, medical savings accounts, retirement provisions and direct deposit specifications.

But more important than the contract details, is the fact the new agreement assures continued labor peace for the entire region and a strong spirit of cooperation to advance the piping industry across all of Northwest Ohio.

“This new three-year contract further solidifies a positive and professional relationship between our members and our signatory contractors,” said Local 50 Business Manager Lou Szabo. “Together we provide unmatched service due in large part to our joint commitment to training. Jobs are done on time and often under budget because there are no better trained plumbers, steamfitters or service mechanics in Northwest Ohio than the highly skilled members of Local 50.”

“The settlement is a testament to the leadership on both sides of the table working together to get the deal done,” said Shaun M. Murray, Executive Vice President of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Northwestern Ohio. “Both the MCA contractors and the hardworking members of Local 50 should be very content with the outcome.”

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