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University of Toledo Projects

The Northwest Ohio Piping Industry was recognized along with the other Toledo Northwest Ohio Building Trades with a halftime spotlight by University of Toledo Athletics for our years of campus construction and renovations. A video recognizing our construction, which includes the Glass Bowl, Nov. 2, 2013 football game between the Rockets and the Eastern Michigan University Eagles.

View the entire video on the Toledo Construction YouTube page.


  • UT Doerman Theatre Wall Rail Replacement
  • UTHS New Simulation Center


  • UTHS Grounds Building
  • UTHS Academic Conference Center
  • UTHS Dana Canopy
  • UT North Engineering Roof Frames
  • UTHS Ground Building


  • UTHS Steam Plant
  • UT Savage Hall Cable Rail


  • UTHS Collier Hall Addition
  • UTHS Incubator Center
  • UTHS Block Building Courtyard Fill-In
  • UTHS Pharmacy College
  • UT Core Lab


  • UT Savage Hall Renovation

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