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Pipefitting / Steamfitting

Pipefitting / Steamfitting

What is a Pipefitter / Steamfitter?

A pipefitter or steamfitter is a master craftsperson who installs many varieties of piping systems. They layout, fabricate and assemble pipes from drawings, blueprints and specifications and thoroughly test the piping systems for proper operation.

Pipefitters and steamfitters install and service sophisticated equipment, state-of-the art controls and piping systems for power generation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing and refrigeration, petroleum refinery, and chemical and petrochemical processing.

They complete environmental control systems in schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, airports, mall, high-rise offices and apartment buildings.

How to Prepare for the Trade

  • Knowledge of general math – algebra, geometry, trigonometry
  • Knowledge of general science – chemistry and physics
  • Drafting and blueprint reading
  • Good science and English skills
  • Welding

Apprenticeship training for a pipefitter / steamfitter includes everything from basic pipefitting and layout to valve repair and gas installations. The five-year training program through the Piping Industry allows apprentices to obtain 8,500 hours of on-the-job training under the direction of a professional pipefitter or steamfitter while earning a competitive wage.

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