An apprentice is a worker who learns a skilled trade through supervised on-the-job training and related classroom instruction.

Apprenticeship in the Northwest Ohio Piping Industry is the entry level to an exciting and rewarding career. Our apprentices are a regular part of the workforce and earn increasing wages while acquiring the important skills necessary to thrive in the industry. 

A Piping Industry apprentice makes a commitment to a 5-year program in which they are employed by a signatory contractor during the day and attend school in the evenings, usually two nights a week. 

While training for a career, our apprentices also earn college credit towards a 2-year degree program offered by Owens Community College. 

Learn more about the qualifications required for apprenticeship and what you can expect from our state-of-the-art training practices. 


Take the first step in starting an exciting career with the Piping Industry by visiting our Apprentice Recruitment page.