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Construction Begins on ProMedica Buildings

Construction Begins on ProMedica Buildings

The new ProMedica project on the banks of the Maumee River is helping reinvent Toledo’s waterfront.

The $60 million project, which began with site preparation during the winter, will move the headquarters of Northwest Ohio’s largest medical system to downtown Toledo.

Construction crews are working to build a new parking garage on Promenade Park, rehab and expand the Steam Plant and remodel The Junction.

Northwest Ohio Piping Industry members are one of the numerous trades working on the project.

At its peak, roughly 20 piping journeymen will help build the new headquarters, and work performed by Piping Industry members will account for nearly 13 percent of the $60 million budget ($8 million).

Rudolph Libbe is the general contractor, with several Piping Industry signatory contractors expected to work at the site as well.

Construction Begins on ProMedica Buildings

Currently, GEM Industrial is in the early stages of a wide variety of piping and plumbing services work.  Some of the work includes: installing new sewer pipes and waterlines, running and testing new heating and cooling lines, and other commercial plumbing tasks.

According to their website, ProMedica has incorporated a goal to engage minority-, veteran- and women-owned businesses in at least 15% of contract and subcontract work related to the headquarters construction.

Construction Begins on ProMedica Buildings

Through their continued commitment to maintaining a diversified membership, the Piping Industry is proud to be able to supply highly skilled members of the Pipetrades to help ProMedica reach their minority, veteran, and gender hiring goals.