Don't just make it a pipe dream - make it a reality!



The contractors and workforce of the Northwest Ohio Piping Industry are the most qualified professionals in the region to handle all plumbing, pipefitting and HVAC services for new home construction and residential upgrades and maintenance.

  • New Home Construction
  • Existing Home Maintenance
  • Existing Home Repairs
  • Existing Home Rebuild

From completely new construction to the most common plumbing and HVAC issues in any home, our member contractors meet the expectations of homebuilders and homeowners because the Piping Industry is committed to properly training and educating our contractors and their workforce.

Our trained journeymen plumbers have the experience to design and install all forms of plumbing and piping. We also stay current on updated codes, technologies and materials. This applies to a vast array of project categories:

  • Boilers and related mechanical piping
  • Complete Redesigns
  • Drain Cleaning and other preventative maintenance
  • Fire-Suppression Systems
  • New Construction Installations
  • Pipe and Pump Installations and Repairs
  • Remodeling
  • Sewer Installations and Repairs
  • Sinks, Faucets and Toilets Installation
  • Solar Water Heating Systems