Public Officials

The Northwest Ohio Piping Industry encourages public officials to meet with us and tour our training facility before considering a major renovation or new construction project. We extend this invitation to members of both the Executive and Legislative branches of local government, as well as leaders of other public organizations like school districts, port authority and library boards.

We believe the opportunity to learn more about the numerous roles the Piping Industry plays in area construction will make your members better informed and in the best position to make the right decisions related to allocation of tax dollars.

Tours of our state-of-the-art, privately funded training center can be arranged for groups of any size. The Northwest Ohio Piping Industry advocates that our contractors follow the most rigorous and effective standards in our trades. This often leads to projects being completed on time and under budget.

We have the space to accommodate public hearings or meetings on site. This will allow you to conduct regular business and also provide time to judge for yourself after seeing our facilities and what we offer and provide to the community. Then you can judge for yourself rather than believe stereotypes or myths about the true objective of our organization. 

To help arrange tours and other events at our training center, please contact us at (419) 662-4795 or by filling out the form below: