The Northwest Ohio Piping Industry has several programs in place to ensure that our members are taken care of throughout their careers, so that they can live and retire with dignity and security.

The plumbers, pipefitters, welders and HVAC mechanics employed by the Piping Industry receive the most competitive wages found in the industry. We provide our apprentices with wages that automatically increase periodically as a percentage of the base rate paid to our journeymen. In addition to the base rate paid to our journeymen and apprentices, health coverage and retirement benefits are paid to provide for the workers and their families. The healthcare needs of our affiliated professionals are provided for now and in the future. 

The Piping Industry has a retirement plan and two pension plans in place to make sure the men and women who spend their lives improving our industry are taken care of well after their rewarding careers have ended.

Professionals in the Piping Industry are also granted better job security than workers in many other industries across the country. There are countless opportunities to work for over 100 plumbing, pipefitting, refrigeration and HVAC contractors signatory to the Piping Industry in Northwest Ohio, with room for advancement into foreman and supervisory positions. We invest the time and resources to train each and every one of our employees in order for them to have long-lasting and fulfilling careers within our industry.