Industry Standards

The Northwest Ohio Piping Industry advocates that our contractors follow the most rigorous and effective standards in our trades. 

With a firm dedication to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of training, safety and production for all of our affiliated plumbing, pipefitting, welding and HVAC contractors, journeymen and apprentices, we offer only the very best construction, installation and maintenance services to residential and commercial customers across Northwest Ohio. 

All contractors affiliated with the Piping Industry are required to meet several standards of accountability, including up-to-date training and certifications, outstanding references and financial capacity, and compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Contractors must have a comprehensive drug-free policy and proof of relevant insurance coverage in compliance with applicable worker’s compensation statutes. These requirements help ensure that quality construction and safety are at the top of any plan to renovate or create a new facility and that the projects completed for both residential and commercial customers are done right the first time.

The Piping Industry also actively promotes the hiring of local, experienced workers. All construction professionals working for our contractors must be licensed journeymen or registered apprentices, with a majority percentage of the contractor's or subcontractor's workforce coming from Northwest Ohio and the surrounding region.